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Maria Avillez Jewellery offers the possibility of buying pieces in Gold 800 and Gold 375. All the pieces made in silver can be replicated in gold, upon acceptance of a budget by the customer. In addition, it also makes personalized pieces in these types of gold, drawing inspiration from conversations with customers to create a unique piece.

But what is the difference between gold 800 (19 carat gold) and gold 375 (9 carat gold)?

Portuguese sterling gold in jewellery production is 19k gold. For each kilo of this Gold, 800g are pure gold, and the remaining 200g are alloys (necessary for the material to be malleable in creation). On the other hand, in 9k Gold, 375g of that kilo is pure gold, and the remaining 625g are alloys. 375 gold has the same advantage of never needing the maintenance that gilded silver entails, while offering more affordable prices than the purest gold. It always comes with a 24k gold bath at the beginning, starting to get a more rosy gold tone, which will also not need any maintenance.

Jewels that stay for generations and generations, in the most affordable way.

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